Female and male infertility (Vandyatva)

The pathologies underlying male and female infertility are manifold. Nevertheless, the treatment can be grouped under four main complexes:

  1. Avoiding the causes for infertility, this may include changes in lifestyle and nutrition, as well as work on psychological factors.
  2. Purification of the involved tissue elements and body channels and the female uterus by ensuring the proper work of the digestive fire and removing accumulated toxins and blockages.This is achieved by the internal and local application of herbal medicines.
  3. Controlling the Vāta Dosha (one of the three energies governing the body) which, when vitiated, is mainly responsible for the lack of conception, abnormal pregnancies, malformations of the foetus and miscarriages. This can be achieved by administration of herbal medicines, and also by avoiding stress, having an appropriate diet and applying oil massages.
  4. Proper nourishment of the tissue elements necessary for conception, meaning the female ovaries and the male semen. Ayurvedic medicine provides a wide range of herbal medicines and food items for this purpose.